Comparison between a forward simulation with surface observations

Comparison between a forward simulation with surface observations#

If not using ready-made files specified in obsvect, the simplest option is to make use of the available specification of components of the datavect dedicated to observations.

For in-situ data, the plugin concs has been designed and can be used to specify the monitor formatted files to use for various parameters XX possible for several species? What about vetical levels?XXX

    S1 :
     dir: directory_where_monitor_files_for_S1_are located

Other sets of transformations can also be specified by the user in obsoperators with a transform_pipe XXX more tutos later on this, useful for transformation which are not ready-made in the codeXXXXXX

XXX from raw files = measurements? XXXX

XX placement sur la verticale??XXX

XXXXXXX faire tuto ajout nouvelle lecture d’obs?XXXX