Domains domain#

Available Domains domain#

The following domains are implemented in pyCIF so far:



The domain loads and stores information about domains. Domains in pyCIF include all geographical information about models and datastreams grids, both in the horizontal and vertical direction.

Required parameters, dependencies and functions#

The following attributes, dependencies and functions should be defined for any domain, as they are called by other plugins. They can be parameters to define at the set-up step, functions to implement in the corresponding module, or dependencies to be attached to the domain class.

Parameters and attributes#

Domains in pyCIF are defined with the following data:

Initialization parameters#

The following parameters/data are defined at the initialization of the domain, either in the function create_domain or read_grid:


(optional) this parameter is set to True when the domain cannot be defined with a regular 2D array; instead, it is stored as a flat list of grid cells;


In the case of unstructured domains, the expected dimensions (nlon / nlat) should ALWAYS be set to:

nlon = number of grid cells nlat = 1


(optional) this parameter goes in tandem with unstructured_domain; it set to True for unstructured domains, the grid cells of which are regular rectangles in degrees. Setting to True speeds up the computation of grid cell areas

nlon / nlat / nlev:

dimensions of the domain in horizontal and vertical directions

zlon / zlat:

arrays of grid cell centers; for unstructured domains, the expected dimension is 1 / ncells

zlonc / zlatc:

arrays of grid cell corners; for structured domains, it is arrays of dimensions nlon + 1 / nlat + 1; for unstructured domains, the expected dimension is nvertices / ncells

sigma_a / sigma_b:

alpha/beta sigma pressure levels


(optional) pressure units: should be one of hPa and Pa; Pa is assumed if not specied


heights above ground level of the domain levels


if both sigma_a / sigma_b and heights are specified, only sigma levels are considered


(optional) set to True if the domain is cyclic in the zonal direction; this is the case for, e.g., global domains


(optional) can be set to xy if the longitudes and latitudes are not in GPS standard coordinates; in that case, values are assumed to be meters from a reference point

The horizontal definition of the domain is used to determine and compute horizontal regridding (see details in the corresponding transform documentation here)

The vertical definition of the domain is used for vertical interpolations in the corresponding transform (see details here).

Online parameters#

The following parameters/data are computed online during the computation of pyCIF depending on the computation needs and the other domain parameters:

zlon_side / zlat_side:

longitudes / latitudes of the sides of the domain; they can simply be the outer border of the domain, or a buffer region in some cases

zlonc_side / zlatc_side:

same as zlon_side / zlat_side for corners

nlon_side / nlat_side:

number of grids in the sides; for domain for which sides are the 1D border of the domain, nlon_side = nb of side grids and nlat_side = 1; for domains with a buffer region, nlat_side can be different from 1


grid cell areas


The following functions need to be implemented in any domain to make it interact with other classes. They must be imported at the root level of the corresponding python package, i.e. in the file:

from XXXXX import ini_periods
from XXXXX import run
from XXXXX import native2inputs
from XXXXX import native2inputs_adj
from XXXXX import outputs2native
from XXXXX import outputs2native_adj
from XXXXX import compile
from XXXXX import ini_mapper

This function is called by default during the initialization of any domain. It is expected to initialize the above-mentioned parameters.

If fails with a IoError or AttributeError, the function create_domain is automatically called.

This function is designed for reading a domain that was already computed from existing coordinate files and auxiliary information.

read_grid is a class method that applies to the domain plugin itself. Therefore, the only expected argument is self.

def read_grid(self, **kwargs):

    self.zlon = XXXX
    self.zlat = XXXXX
    self.zlonc = XXXXX
    self.zlatc = XXXXX
    self.nlon = XXXXX
    self.nlat = XXXXX
    self.nlev = XXXXX
    self.sigma_a = XXXXX
    self.sigma_b = XXXXX
    self.nlev = XXXXX

Click below to see an example of the read_grid function for the model CHIMERE.[source]#

This function is called when read_grid fails for some reason. It is similar to read_grid, but instead of reading an existing domain, it will create it from the information given in the Yaml configuration file.

Click below to see an example of the create_domain function for the model CHIMERE.[source]#
get_sides (optional)#

This function defines the domain sides variables zlon_side, zlat_side, zlonc_side, zlatc_side, nlon_side, nlat_side.

Similarly to read_grid and create_domain, get_sides has a single argument self.

It is not necessary to define this function. By default, the border of the domain is taken using the default function below:


Gets the sides of the domain