LMDZ grid (LMDZ / std)

Yaml arguments

The following arguments are used to configure the plugin. pyCIF will return an exception at the initialization if mandatory arguments are not specified, or if any argument does not fit accepted values or type:

Mandatory arguments

filegrid: (mandatory)

File with longitudes and latitudes

accepted type: <class ‘str’>

file_vcoord: (mandatory)

File with vertical coordinates. Should be a restart file from a previous online simulation

accepted type: <class ‘str’>

dir_vcoord: (mandatory)

Directory where to find file_vcoord

accepted type: <class ‘str’>

Yaml template

Please find below a template for a Yaml configuration:

 2  plugin:
 3    name: LMDZ
 4    version: std
 5    type: domain
 7  # Mandatory arguments
 8  filegrid: XXXXX
 9  file_vcoord: XXXXX
10  dir_vcoord: XXXXX