Modes mode#

Available Modes mode#

The following modes are implemented in pyCIF so far:



The mode class executes computation modes in pyCIF. This is the highest level class in pyCIF. At the execution of pyCIF, the specified mode is executed and all the rest of the configuration is derived from it.

Required parameters, dependencies and functions#

As the highest level class in pyCIF, the mode class is never called by any other pyCIF class. Thus, it only needs the following function to be made available in the module:


The function execute executes the computation mode.

Arguments are:


the mode itself

The function does not need to return objects explicitly. However, it is recommended to make it return an object characterizing the output. For instance, for the test of the adjoint, the function execute returns the error of the test; for the forward mode, it returns the observation vectors with comparison between original observations and simulations.