Preprocessing plugins

Preprocessing plugins#

In this case, the information to be provided are:

  1. the up to five pieces of information relative to the component as expected by datavect. Note that it is very probable that varname is used since the data of raw outside inventories have a very small probability of using the same species names as CHIMERE.

  2. along the name, type and version of the plugin chosen to deal with the raw files, the information relative to the chosen plugin, which is particular to each plugin and found in the plugin’s documentation.

  3. recipes to build the transformations from the raw data to CHIMERE’s inputs, i.e. the spatial and temporal interpolations from the initial data to the domain’s grid and the unit conversion. Each recipe is actually a key-word and arguments which are, in the core of the CIF, linked to plugins - this is why the links in the documentation point to plugins, which are not actually accessed to by the user in the yaml XXX CHANGER DOC POUR AVOIR LISTE “TRANSPARENTES” DE MOTS CLEFS/ARGUMENTSXXXX.

    1. the recipe for building the transformation regrid for the spatial interpolation. WARNING XXX Still true??XXXX if no regrid is specified, the CIF assumes that the original data is already on the domain’s grid: exceptions difficult to analyse can ensue or, worse, a simulation with inadequate fluxes if the numbers of cells of the original grid and of the domain coincide.

    2. if required, the recipe for building the transformation vertical_interpolation for the vertical interpolation.

    3. the recipe for building the transformation time_interpolation for the temporal interpolation

    4. the recipe for building the transformation unit_conversion for converting units