Check what has been done in the workdir:

5. Check what has been done in the workdir:#

5.1. Checking the input files:#

Check-list of basics:

  • the yaml file is copied here

  • the logfile is written here and its last line indicates “The forward mode has been successfully executed”

  • the chemical scheme stored in chemical_scheme

  • directory controlvect is empty

  • directory model contains the three CHIMERE’s exectuables (even though only fwdchimere.e is used so far)

  • directory transforms is empty if using only ready-made CHIMERE input files

  • file VERSION indicates the IDs of the branch and commit of the CIF used for the simulation

In directory datavect, the files used for the components of the data vector are stored, in one directory per component. Therefore, for CHIMERE, there must be:

  • sub-directory meteo: contains links to the ready-made METEO files indicated in the yaml

  • sub-directories flux and bioflux: contain links to the ready-made A/BEMISSIONS files indicated in the yaml

  • sub-directory inicond: contains the link to the ready-made INI_CONCS file indicated in the yaml

  • sub-directories latcond and topcond: contain links to the ready-made BOUN_CONCS files indicated in the yaml

  • sub-directory concs: sub-directories for each ACTIVE_SPECIES that is measured contain input files for in-situ data in our example.

If a link does not point to the right file, there is an issue, probably in the yaml (check typos!).

5.2. Checking the output files:#

In directory obsoperator, three files are written to give details on the treatment done by the CIF:

Sub-directory fwd_0000 contains:

  • the directories for all the periods in the simulation. They are usual CHIMERE execution directories, with links to the input files, the executable as well as chimere.nml, a log and an error log files, if activated, various nectdf files as for hourly concentration outputs,, etc. They do not contain the file. They also contain the specific mod.txt and obs.txt files which are used for extracting from CHIMERE the data to compute the equivalent of the observations. A text file name all_good is touched by CHIMERE when the period has been simulated without error.

  • sub-directory chain contains the files to chain the periods one to another for covering the whole simulation.

  • in sub-directory obsvect, in concs, a sub-directory per species available in the observations contains the matching with the equivalent computed by CHIMERE. In this simple case, check that the columns i, j, level, sim, tstep, tstep_glo and dtstep are filled.

  • a pickle file for the control vector is written.

In directory obsvect: XX???XX