Check what has been done in the workdir:

Checking the input files:

Check-list of basics:

  • the chemical scheme stored in chemical_scheme

  • the yaml file is copied here

  • directory controlvect is empty

  • the logfile is written here and its last line indicates “The forward mode has been successfully executed”

  • directory model contains the three CHIMERE’s exectuables (even though only fwdchimere.e is used so far)

  • directory transforms is empty XX??XX

  • file VERSION indicates the IDs of the branch and commit of the CIF used for the simulation


Checking the output files:

XXX part about checking what is done by the pre-proc: where are the files used by the simu, where are the outputs, etc

The observations plus their simulated equivalents are in $WORKIDR/obsoperator/fwd_0000/obsvect/concs/SPEC/ with SPEC the species available in the observations. In this simple case, check that the columns i, j, level, sim, tstep, tstep_glo and dtstep are filled.