Welcome to the Community Inversion Framework!

Welcome to the Community Inversion Framework!#

This is the official website of the Community Inversion Framework (CIF). The development of CIF was initially supported by the European Union H2020 project VERIFY . CIF is now supported by the projects CoCO2 and EYE-CLIMA .


The Community Inversion Framework is governed by the CeCILL-C license under French law. Please consult the reference text here for further detail. The license grants full rights for the users to use, modify and redistribute the original version of the CIF, conditional to the obligation to make their modifications available to the community and to properly acknowledge the original authors of the code.

Use, aknowledgement and citation

The Community Inversion Framework has been designed by a community of scientists who agreed to openly share their developments. The maintenance and further developments are made possible through continued efforts by the core team of developer, with the support of their respective funding agencies.

Any use of the Community Inversion Framework should then be fairly acknowledged. Users are required to establish contact with the team of developers to determine an appropriate level of acknowledgement through co-authorship and relevant citations.

Help Desk#

We do our best to make this website as comprehensive as possible.

However, should you find no answer to your questions, please contact: help@community-inversion.eu

It is also possible to register to the information mailing list dedicated to CIF: info-cif@lists.lsce.ipsl.fr. Important information, as well as general discussions, are posted on that list. Only subscribers can post and receive corresponding mails. To subscribe, one can send an empty mail to sympa@lists.lsce.ipsl.fr with the following command as object: SUBSCRIBE info-cif@lists.lsce.ipsl

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