Comparison between a forward simulation and satellite data

Comparison between a forward simulation and satellite data#

If not using ready-made files specified in obsvect, the simplest option is to make use of the available specification of components of the datavect dedicated to observations.

For satellite data, the plugin satellites has been designed for conveniency and includes various transformations. It is then easy to specify the monitor formatted files to use with the minimum information on how to transform the model’s output into equivalents of the data, e.g. total or partial columns. The names of the parameters must be the same as the names in the output of the model i.e. the names of the species in OUPUT_SPECIES. The format of the file name provided makes it possible to divide a large amount of data into smaller files, e.g. per month or even per smaller chunks for satellite data.

      dir: directory_where_monitor_files_for_S2_are located
      formula: 3
      pressure: Pa
      product: level
      chosenlev: 5
      cropstrato: False
      correct_pthick: True


errors may happen when no observation is available during the simulation XXCHECK AND CORRECT?XX

Other sets of transformations can also be specified by the user in obsoperators with a transform_pipe XXX more tutos later on this, useful for transformation which are not ready-made in the codeXXXXXX

XXX from raw files = measurements? XXXX

XXXXXXX faire tuto ajout nouvelle lecture d’obs?XXXX