Making a new domain

Making a new domain#

The present tutorial explains how to create a new domain from scratch, with only defining parameters.

It is possible to generate new model definition file using a yaml following the format shown below:

verbose : 1
logfile: test_std
workdir: &workdir WORKDIR
datei : 2011-03-22 00:00:00
datef : 2011-03-22 03:00:00

domain :
   name    : CHIMERE
   version : std
  domid : NEWTEST
  repgrid : !join [*pycif_data_root, /domains/]
  nlev: 17
  p1: 997
  pmax: 200
  emissublayer : 0
  xcenter: -4
  ycenter: 48
  nlon: 100
  nlat: 80
  dx: 10000
  dy: 10000
  type: "km"
  dir_landuse: /home/chimereges/PYCIF_TEST_DATA/CHIMERE/data_glcf/
  file_aggregation: /home/chimereges/PYCIF_TEST_DATA/CHIMERE/domains/LAND_AGGREGATION

For details on the various arguments, see the documentation of the plugin domain for CHIMERE The yaml will generate a folder domain with all required files to define a CHIMERE domain. To re-use the domain, copy these files in the reference domain directory defined in repgrid.

In $WORKDIR/domain/LANDUSE, maps of LANDUSE before and after reprojection to the domain are saved for debugging purposes.