wrfchem / std


WRF-Chem domain plugin

freum 2021-08-12 STATUS: work in progress NOTES: - Both met_em and geo_em have XLONG_C, XLAT_C. wrfinput does not. - No wps file has bottom_top, wrfinput does (because vertical

interpolation is done by real.exe).

-> So need both. Therefore, user has to run at least a short case on

the domain all the way up to real.exe before running cif for now

Yaml arguments

The following arguments are used to configure the plugin. pyCIF will return an exception at the initialization if mandatory arguments are not specified, or if any argument does not fit accepted values or type:

Mandatory arguments

dir_geo_em: (mandatory)

Directory that contains geo_em.d??.nc produced by geogrid.exe (needed for longitude/latitude corners)

accepted type: str

dir_wrfinput: (mandatory)

Directory that contains (wrfinput_d??) produced by real.exe (needed for vertical grid layout)

accepted type: str

max_dom: (mandatory)

Number of domains to use (in nested domain setup)

accepted type: str

Yaml template

Please find below a template for a Yaml configuration:

 2  plugin:
 3    name: wrfchem
 4    version: std
 5    type: domain
 7  # Mandatory arguments
 8  dir_geo_em: XXXXX  # str
 9  dir_wrfinput: XXXXX  # str
10  max_dom: XXXXX  # str