ECMWF grib2 data files (ECMWF / grib2)


Read grib files from ECMWF

Grib files are provided either for 3D fields or, for surface variables, for 2D fields. Activate the surface option for treating 2D grib files. In case of grib files for cumulated variables, activate the decumul option. In this case 2 dates are saved in the fetch list and the decumulation is next_date - date

Yaml arguments

The following arguments are used to configure the plugin. pyCIF will return an exception at the initialization if mandatory arguments are not specified, or if any argument does not fit accepted values or type:

Optional arguments

dir: (optional):

Path to the corresponding component. This value is used if not provided in parameters

accepted type: str

file: (optional):

File format in the given directory. This value is used if not provided in parameters

accepted type: str

varname: (optional):

Variable name to use to read data filesinstead of the parameter name if different to the parameter name

accepted type: str

file_freq: (optional): 3H

Frequency at which files are saved

accepted type: str

decumul: (optional): False

activates decumulation

accepted type: bool

cumul_length: (optional): 12

if cumulation length differ from 12h, in hour

accepted type: int

surface: (optional): False

for treating 2D fields (e.g. surface variables)

accepted type: bool

expand_psurf: (optional): False

Expand surface pressure to full pressure field

accepted type: bool

pressure_thickness: (optional): False

Returns the pressure thickness of each level. To be used with expand_psurf

accepted type: bool

domain_file: (optional)

Name of the file to use to deduce the domain, if different from the file format specified for data reading

accepted type: str

Yaml template

Please find below a template for a Yaml configuration:

 2  plugin:
 3    name: ECMWF
 4    version: grib2
 5    type: datastream
 7  # Optional arguments
 8  dir: XXXXX  # str
 9  file: XXXXX  # str
10  varname: XXXXX  # str
11  file_freq: XXXXX  # str
12  decumul: XXXXX  # bool
13  cumul_length: XXXXX  # int
14  surface: XXXXX  # bool
15  expand_psurf: XXXXX  # bool
16  pressure_thickness: XXXXX  # bool
17  domain_file: XXXXX  # str