The totinput text file stores the main simulation parameters:
  • the number of effective tracers (i.e not including prescribed species)

  • the choice between using chemistry (through using SACS) (T) or no chemistry (F)

  • the spliting of the dynamical timestep

  • the spliting of the physical timestep

  • the choice between reading a start file (T) or not (F)

  • the choice between runinng a forward (T) or backward (F) simulation

  • the choice of writing output diagnostics (1) or not (0)

  • the choice of writing output wfunc or not (T or F)

  • the indicator if running footprint (T) or not (F)

  • the number of days in the month

  • a switch for the units of the OH prescribed field: T if vmr or F if molec/cm3

  • the period length (in days) for the emission fluxes

  • the number of days in the simulation

  • the month

  • the year

  • the choice of the convection scheme: 2 = Tiedtke, 3 = Kerry-Emmanuel, 30 = Kerry-Emmanuel with thermics

  • the choice of running the physics (T) or not (F)