General information

LMDz-SACS is coded in fortran. LMDz-SACS’s sources for use by the CIF are made available in directory /model_sources/DISPERSION_gch/, which contains the relevant makefile and a compilation script. The actual .F90 sources are in the various sub-directories in libf.

LMDz-SACS deals with time at a monthly resolution: all input and output files are for one month. Links can (and must) be used e.g. for emissions which do not vary through the year.

LMDz-SACS reads and writes netcdf and text files.

The required inputs for the executable are:

  • text file totinput: contains the main simulation parameters chosen by the user or deduced from these choices. Generated by pre-processor included in the model’s plugin.

  • infousedsat.txt: contains information on the satellites used

  • netcdf file contains information on the on-line model

  • netcdf files, and contain the pre-computed mass fluxes

  • contains the horizontal and vertical coordinates of the grid

  • mod_SPEC.bin contain the emissions of species SPEC