Main departures from the mainstream version

The sources for LMDz-SACS in the CIF are in model_sources/DISPERSION_gch/. They are based on the sources of the off-line LMDz4 with SACS for methane oxidation chain, also used in PYVAR. Departures from this version are:
  • additions for the comparison to observations: reading and writing of relevant files

  • modular chemical scheme following the same principles as CHIMERE

  • fluxes are stored in one file per species instead of one file for all

  • for modularity and clarity, various input information is read in different files. For example, the coordinates are read in instead of, which is assumed to contain only the initial state. This has been implemented so that it is still possible to use the large files: is then simply a link to (made by the CIF from the user’s yaml).

  • to be continued

The tangent-linear and adjoint codes follow the forward one.