All the source files are distributed with pyCIF in the directory model_sources/chimereGES/.


CHIMERE is coded in Fortran90 and can be compiled either with ifort or gfortran.

In both case, the following libraries should be compiled before hand with the corresponding compiler:

  • MPI

  • NetCDF

Testing with a docker image

CHIMERE is automatically tested in a docker image built based on the Dockerfile pycif-ubuntu.Dockerfile provided with pyCIF sources. To build it locally, use the following command (assuming that Docker is properly installed on your system):

docker build -f pycif-ubuntu.Dockerfile -t localimage ./

It can also be directly downloaded from DockerHub using

docker pull pycif/pycif-ubuntu:0.1

From there, you can use examples here to compile and use CHIMERE. The model can be compiled manually using instructions here

See further instructions on how to use pyCIF inside a Docker image here.

CHIMERE test data

Test data with simple configurations cases (very small domains easy to compute on a desktop) are available here.