General information

CHIMERE is coded in Fortran90. CHIMERE’s sources for use by the CIF (see how they differ from standard distributions here) are made available in directory /model_sources/chimereGES/ which contains various subdirectories with actual .F90 sources and relevant Makefile, a compilation script and a header for all Makefile (makfile.hdr).

CHIMERE reads and writes netcdf and text files. The required inputs for the executable are:

  • text file chimere.nml: contains the parameters chosen by the user or deduced from these choices. Generated by pre-processor included in the model’s plugin.

  • text file for the coordinates of the grid: COORDcorner

  • netcdf files for the initial and boundary conditions: and

  • netcdf files for the emissions, AEMISSIONS and, if switched on, BEMISSIONS

  • netcdf files METEO for the meteorological variables

  • 12 text files for the chemical scheme (some may be empty but they must exist)

  • text file LANDUSE if deposition is switched on

In case the model is run for comparison to observation data, a text file which contains the locations and times at which to extract simulated data is also read.