Create and register the plugin module

Here, one should add the model to the list of model plugins recognized by the CIF. The list of available plugins can be accessed here. General instruction on how to register new plugins are given here.

  1. Go to the directory “pycif/plugins/models/”

  2. Copy the template to a folder with your model name

  3. Edit the file and add the following lines:

    _name = "YOUR MODEL NAME"
    _version = "YOUR MODEL VERSION (optional)"

    When registering, pay attention to not replicate an already existing model!

  4. Check that your model is available in pyCIF. Your model should appear in the list when typing the following commands in python:

    from pycif.utils.classes.baseclass import Plugin
  5. Check that your model initializes properly using the following yaml and changing the name and version of your model

     1rootdir: &rootdir /tmp/CIF/
     2outdir: &outdir  !join [*rootdir, /.tox/py38/tmp]
     3verbose: 2
     4workdir:  !join [*outdir, /1_register]
     5logfile: log.txt
     6datei: 2000-01-01 00:00:00
     7datef: 2000-02-01 00:00:00
     9  plugin:
    10    name: template
    11    version: std