Create a domain for your model

By default, the template domain does not require any domain to initialize. However, to go further, all models are required to have a domain.

This is used to match observation locations to the correct model grid cells, to regrid inputs to the correct domain, etc.

Try the following Yaml that should return an error because the domain is not defined.

 1verbose: 1
 2workdir: ~/model_test/
 3logfile: log.txt
 4datei: 2000-01-01
 5datef: 2000-02-01
 7  plugin:
 8    name: template
 9    version: std
10  require_domain: True

Then try the following Yaml that uses the default Gaussian domain to meet the model requirements:

 1rootdir: &rootdir /tmp/CIF/
 2outdir: &outdir  !join [*rootdir, /.tox/py38/tmp]
 3verbose: 2
 4workdir:  !join [*outdir, /2-2_validdomain]
 5logfile: log.txt
 6datei: 2000-01-01 00:00:00
 7datef: 2000-02-01 00:00:00
 9  plugin:
10    name: template
11    version: std
12  require_domain: true
14  nlat: 15
15  nlon: 10
16  plugin:
17    name: dummy
18    version: std
19  xmax: 50
20  xmin: -10
21  ymax: 60
22  ymin: 40

This will generate a folder domain in your work directory with coordinates as generated by the domain.

Please consult the documentation page for domains to further implement your own domain.